Fighter F-16


USA sells F-16 fighters to Ukraine

The United States plans to supply Ukraine with a batch of F-16 fighters.

The American military corporation Lockheed Martin has submitted a proposal to supply the Ukrainian side with fighters. According to an American military source, we are talking about the delivery of a batch of 4th generation F-16 fighters in the Block 70/72 modification.

 Ukraine is going to improve and improve its air force, so the American side received a very lucrative offer so that Ukraine could increase its combat potential.

According to Western media, Ukraine plans to replace the fleet of "old Soviet Su-27 aircraft" and in this it will be helped by fighters from the United States. At the same time, Kiev is not very willing to go for partnership in this sense with Moscow, so Ukraine is focused on cooperation with NATO.  

In addition, the article noted that Ukraine has already purchased Turkish Bayraktar drones, so now the Ukrainian side is interested in NATO fighters.

Earlier it was indicated that NATO is preparing to supply Ukraine with up-to-date, modernized weapons, ammunition and other under the cover of the Sea Breeze naval exercises.

Thus, the purchase of new weapons will help Ukraine improve its military potential and strengthen the country's defense capability.