C-400 radar


US continues to scan Russian S-400s in Crimea and Syria

American military aircraft are trying to pick up frequencies for the Russian S-400.

Specialists were able to find out that the pairing of American military aircraft and drones off the coast of Crimea and the Russian military air base Hmeimim in Syria is associated with scanning the frequencies of Russian S-400 systems, having gained control over which the American side will be able to freely violate the borders of Russia.

In recent months, US military reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles have been regularly seen near the borders of Crimea and Syria. It's about working in pairs. At the same time, the drone often operates at the very borders of airspace, forcing the Russian S-400 to work in an active mode, while military reconnaissance aircraft scan electronic signals and process them.

Against the background of previously reported information that Washington nevertheless managed to gain access to the frequencies of the Russian S-400s, specialists had a question about whether the American military aviation was trying to make an attempt to break through into Russian airspace, influencing the radars of Russian air defense systems ...

“If the United States really has access to the frequencies of the Russian S-400, then there is a chance that the Americans are trying to bring the work of the Russian S-400 off balance, and there is a similar probability”, - the expert marks.

Nevertheless, experts say that at the moment Washington is simply wasting time.

“Even if the United States succeeds, Russia has a huge number of other systems and radars, including those from a distance of several thousand kilometers”, - leads the opinion of an analyst at Avia.pro.

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