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USA: it is almost impossible to resist Russia and China

The state report said that the United States did not have enough resources to confront Russia and China in a possible future conflict. Against this background, the Pentagon decided to "tighten the belt." The US military said it was planning to withdraw troops from Africa and devote more time to a potential military conflict with China and Russia.

Candice Thresh, a Pentagon press secretary, said that in order to preserve US military superiority in the world, they will restructure, and they will take a different approach to countering violent extremism. All steps are already spelled out in the National Defense Strategy, which is being successfully implemented.

We remind you that the US Army in Africa has 7200 military. Over the next few years, this number should decrease by 10%. Not so long ago, the Congress’s defense strategy was published, where expert assessments of the state of the US Army were presented.

It turned out that the consequences of countering terrorism around the world, which lasts more than 17 years, led to the fact that in the event of a conflict with China (for Taiwan) or Russia (for the Baltic States), America could lose. But if timely measures are taken to reduce the contingent can correct this situation. In addition, the command is worried about the large-scale financial presence of China and Russia in Africa.