The United States is trying to "legally" send up to 500 mercenaries to Ukraine under the guise of peacekeepers

The United States is working on an initiative to "legally" send mercenaries from special forces to Ukraine.

It is known that the United States intends to allocate about 89 million dollars to Ukraine, which is supposed to be used to train sapper groups. It is known that the funds are supposed to be used either to train Ukrainian specialists for demining, or to use American mercenaries, and in this case we can talk about quite "legal" sending almost 500 American mercenaries to Ukraine.

At the moment, one of the options for demining Ukrainian territory is being considered. At the same time, experts note that if the United States wants to send its sapper units to Ukraine, they will almost certainly hide behind the UN initiative. Considering that the sapper group consists of 4-5 people, and in total it is supposed to prepare up to 100 sapper groups, the total number of American mercenaries prepared to be sent to Ukraine will be up to 500 people.

Experts point out that "legal" sending American mercenaries to Ukraine may turn out to be a very significant problem, since it is quite obvious that American PMCs will not be involved in clearing the territories, but will take a direct part in the hostilities on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.