Nuclear submarine


US is trying to deploy nuclear weapons a few hundred kilometers from the Russian border

They are trying to deploy American nuclear weapons near the border with Russia.

A few days ago, at a distance of only a couple of hundred kilometers from the Russian border, a Virginia-class nuclear submarine of the US Navy entered the port of Tønsnese, Norway. Representatives of the Russian foreign policy department have expressed serious concern about the approach of a nuclear submarine of the US Navy, which carries nuclear missiles. The official representative of the Russian foreign policy department Maria Zakharova noted that the Norwegian port, which was previously considered exclusively civilian, located near the Russian borders, was "specially adapted for such calls at the expense of Washington funds" and today, in fact, is "another outpost of the North Atlantic Alliance." The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that Norway is contributing to the growth of tensions on the border and is taking dangerous steps towards the emergence of nuclear weapons several hundred kilometers from the Russian borders.

In addition, Maria Zakharova added: “It is perplexing that such a visit by submarines, which have the ability to carry nuclear warheads, is attributed by the Norwegian authorities to a certain, as they say, stabilizing role. Oslo has taken a tough course towards strengthening the militarization of the Arctic, whipping up tensions in this traditionally peaceful region, trying to please senior NATO partners. "

It is important to note that the Norwegian authorities almost immediately announced that there were no nuclear weapons on board the US nuclear submarine, but the information was unreliable and could not be refuted or confirmed.

So far, it is impossible to say for what purpose the United States sent the submarine to the border zone, but this can be quite assessed as preparation for the creation of a NATO military base near the Russian borders, however, in this case, Russia will be ready to give a tough response to both Washington and Norway, for example, through strengthening its presence in the region.