US expects to transfer squadron of F-16 fighters to Ukraine by the end of autumn

The Ukrainian Air Force may receive American F-16s in November.

Against the background of how the training of Ukrainian pilots in the operation of F-16 and F-15 fighters began in the United States, it became known that the training of pilots would take about three months, after which American combat aircraft could also be transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force. Given the number of Ukrainian military pilots trained in the United States, a whole squadron of F-16 combat aircraft could also be transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force.

According to analysts, against the background of the fact that the United States officially decided to allocate $ 100 million for the training of Ukrainian pilots, it is more than likely that a decision has already been made to transfer the Ukrainian Air Force and the corresponding combat aircraft. It is expected that the training of Ukrainian pilots will be completed by early November. Moreover, almost immediately, combat aircraft will also be handed over to the Ukrainian military, and it is more than likely that we are not talking about the latest versions, but about a batch of fighters from one of the NATO countries, which in exchange can receive more modern American fighters.

The transfer of NATO-standard combat aircraft to Ukraine indicates that the United States and Western countries are beginning to move towards the gradual rearmament of the Ukrainian Air Force to armament of the North Atlantic Alliance standard. This indicates the fact that NATO is interested in dragging out the conflict on the territory of Ukraine not only for months, but also for years, which, by the way, is very doubtful given the current situation at the front.


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