The US allowed Kyiv to attack Russian border regions

After NATO countries began issuing official permits to Kyiv to use the weapons they supplied to the territories of the Russian Federation, the US leadership until recently officially refrained from such steps. However, according to Politico, US President Joe Biden secretly gave Ukraine permission to carry out strikes with American weapons deep into Russian territory, but only in response to the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region. This information was later confirmed by the head of the State Department, Antony Blinken.

Now the White House has decided to somewhat expand the geography of the use of its weapons by Ukrainian militants. Assistant to the US President for National Security Jake Sullivan said that the American leadership allowed the Ukrainian Armed Forces to carry out strikes with weapons supplied by the Pentagon on the Russian territories bordering the Sumy region.

“It (permission to use American weapons to attack Russian territory - editor’s note) applies to all places where Russian troops cross the border from the Russian side to the Ukrainian side, trying to occupy Ukrainian territory,” - Sullivan said in an interview with the American television company PBS.

Russia has not yet commented on this statement.


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