The United States deployed at least 30 M109A7 Paladin self-propelled guns on the border with Russia and Belarus

The United States deployed at least 30 M109A7 Paladin self-propelled guns on the border between Russia and Belarus.

After the transfer of several dozen tanks, armored vehicles and several thousand NATO troops to the border with neighboring Belarus, it became known that the United States additionally transferred at least 30 self-propelled artillery units M109A7 Paladin of 155 mm caliber to the borders of Belarus and Russia.

At the moment, it is known that the weapons were delivered by several trains from Germany. At the same time, taking into account the range of the M109A7 Paladin ACS, the territory of Russia and neighboring Belarus is in the strike zone of the American military.

The American side has not yet commented on the transfer of its weapons and military equipment to the borders of Belarus and Russia, however, experts associate this with the recent open threats of the Belarusian military and authorities to NATO.

On the other hand, the American side is not ready to take the risk and attack either Belarus, much less Russia. Rather, she is trying to exert psychological pressure, since any aggression against both Russia and neighboring Belarus will not only be suppressed, but will also receive a harsh response.

It all starts with potato fields SIR !!!

Here I am about it) but with their accuracy and fields can not be seen


It will be very difficult to defeat a country that prints money for the whole world, a country with a purely resource-based economy.

these galbits probably have nuclear-charged shells! and with a chemical filling and a projectile with a parachute that can smoothly lower something within reach ... You will see soon everything will clear up, they will not just drive the equipment ...

Is it stupidity or betrayal to collect hailstones in one place?

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we have children, families and real estate there. They would rather hand over us all than start damaging.

And if you conduct a naval exercise in the Gulf of Mexico, how sociopaths will scream!

In Kueva they will think of something else.

It's like in any computer strategy, at first, they accumulate strength, slowly squeeze the land, surround it and at the end they attack with lightning speed without leaving the enemy a chance, but ours cannot or do not want to do anything, what they are waiting for is not clear

Again, the United States will fight and destroy foreign territories. They are already climbing into the impudent one. And other nations will "shovel" and suffer.

If they were not going to enter Belarus and further into the Russian Federation, they would not exhibit howitzers at all. In addition, there are booster ways to enter the BR, which are shorter than through the Brest fortress.

... plus depleted uranium shells.

Well, will they fight on their own or will they again rake in the heat with someone else's hands?

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Lavrov, Peskov and Zakharova will express another concern.

Shoigu has already formally expressed concern.

How did she manage to get to the border between Russia and Belarus? From Lithuania only if.
Well, the Palladin's firing range is up to 30 km. Who are they going to shoot at? Potato fields and a few villages?