The US decided to impose sanctions on the purchase of Russian MiG-29

The purchase of Russian MiG-29 fighters will now become the occasion for US sanctions.

Washington decided to seriously complicate the sale of Russian combat aircraft, starting to impose sanctions even for the acquisition by other countries of MiG-29 fighters, although the latter appeared back in the 80s of the last century. The first country to fall under US sanctions is India, which is obviously breaking a multi-million dollar deal between New Delhi and Moscow.

At the moment, the reasons for imposing sanctions against India remain unknown, since earlier only Su-35 and S-400 air defense systems fell under Russian sanction weapons, however, experts believe that the reason was the US offense that India refused to buy American F -sixteen.

“The US sanctions on the Su-35S and S-400 are still understandable, but it seems difficult to explain due to the fact that sanctions are imposed on India due to the purchase of the MiG-29. If you need to find a reason, then, obviously, this is due to the fact that India bought the MiG-29 instead of an American fighter "- сообщает Sohu Edition.

It should be noted that India has not yet commented on a possible rejection of the deal with Russia, however, earlier the purchase of MiG-29 fighters was associated with the need to strengthen the Indian Air Force against the background of a possible military conflict with China.

If I had a briefcase with a button, I would impose sanctions against the United States once and for all!

It’s just that it’s more and more difficult to sell American baroque at their horse prices, that’s the whole logic.

Also introduce sanctions that you speak your native language or use the national currency. There is a limit to everything and the "exclusive" nation will finish badly, definitely.