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USA: fake Russian coronavirus vaccine

The United States urges Russians not to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The United States of America is calling on Russians to refuse vaccination with the new, and in fact the first in the world, Russian vaccine against coronavirus. According to US representatives, the Russian development is nothing more than a fake - full-fledged studies of it, as stated, have not been carried out, and therefore, the vaccine can pose a very serious danger.

European countries, in particular in the UK, adhere to a similar point of view, claim that the Russian vaccine can have a very negative effect on the situation with the pandemic, in particular, in the UK they believe that the vaccine will give a false sense of security, and after the start of mass vaccination, an active increase in the incidence will begin.

“This is a rash and unwise decision. It is unethical to vaccinate with an unproven vaccine on a mass scale. Any problem that arises during vaccination in Russia will have disastrous consequences. Both because of its negative impact on health, and because it will further impede the formation of a positive attitude towards vaccines among the population. "- приводит the words of British experts, the publication "InoSMI".

Such behavior on the part of the West is more than strange, and experts believe that this is just another provocation against Russia and Russian citizens.

“Remember how a few months ago the whole world clung to any possibility of combating the coronavirus COVID-19, however, when Russia got a full-fledged vaccine, the effect of which has already been tested, the United States and Europe are calling out to refuse vaccination. This is nonsense! ", - the analyst notes.

According to the data that has appeared, 60% of the population is planned to be vaccinated against coronavirus in Russia.

let the States and Great Britain be wrong, but name any development of post-Soviet Russia, in any industry, and separately for personal interest, in the field of pharmacology

It's the same in Europe

And who else, besides the United States and Great Britain, is against, the opinion of this tandem is known to everyone.