USA: Russians must get out of the Middle East

The United States demanded that Russia leave the Middle East.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker has publicly demanded that Russia immediately leave the territory of the Middle East, stating that the presence of the Russian military is illegal, which is more than strange given the fact that the US military actually occupied the territory of Syria and neighboring Iraq.

“Russia should get out of the Middle East,” the US State Department said. According to Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker, Moscow plays a "destructive role" in the region. He called the decision of former US President Barack Obama "to let the Russians into Syria" a "blunder." “Russia has changed the course of the war, and Assad’s regime remains there,” added Schenker. Washington is convinced that Russia's successes in Syria led to its decision to intervene in the military conflict in Libya "- cites the publication "Radio Echo of Moscow."

Moscow has already answered a similar call from the US State Department, stressing that Washington, obviously, is completely unaware of the current situation.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the proposal to" get out of the Middle East "by US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker. The response of an unnamed diplomat was published by RIA Novosti. “Apparently, he does not understand what he’s talking about. It is beyond good and evil. Just some stupid thing. The level of professional training has fallen very low, ”the source said, referring to the staffing situation in the US State Department.”- reports the publication ""

It should be noted that despite repeated calls from the Iraqi and Syrian authorities, American troops continue to illegally remain on the territory of these Middle East states, in fact, having occupied these countries, and only thanks to the actions of Russia, the United States cannot completely control Syria, well aware that the reaction of Moscow will be very harsh.