USA will be able to close the sky of Ukraine from Russia

Despite the fact that Ukraine's aviation is in poor condition, the supply of used American combat aircraft to Kiev will not only not solve the problem, but will lead to disaster, says author David Ex in an article in Forbes.

The article notes that the state of the Ukrainian Air Force is critical, new aircraft have not been on alert for a long time. Given the constant threats from the "eastern neighbor", the inability to defend the airspace puts Ukraine in a difficult position. Soviet fighters owned by Ukraine have almost exhausted their resource, and it is becoming more and more difficult to extend it.

However, there is a rational way out of this difficult situation, said Steven Blank, a researcher at the Institute for Foreign Policy Research. He proposed to supply Ukraine with up to one hundred F-15 fighters, KC-135 flying tankers, E-2 radar detection aircraft, communications systems and precision weapons.

However, David Ax does not approve of this idea, he considers it a failure. Even if all the planes are transferred to Ukraine free of charge, it will still require huge costs from Kiev, but there are no funds now.

Converting the Ukrainian Air Force from Soviet aircraft to American ones will take years and billions of dollars in pilot training and a complete infrastructure overhaul. The planes themselves still need to be brought up to date, equipped with weapons, etc. Ukraine is unable to afford such costs, even if it has to pay for them in part.

Therefore, the author advises to forget about the idea of ​​purchasing combat aircraft, and think about purchasing modern air defense systems that can reliably "close the skies" of Ukraine. This is a more affordable option. For air operations, according to Aix, it is possible to purchase loitering ammunition and drones.

In recent years, Libya, Syria and then Azerbaijan have shown that the Russians have nothing to oppose against such a threat, he emphasizes.

However, Ex did not explain where to get Kiev funds for the purchase of anti-aircraft systems and a large number of attack UAVs.

If Russian troops "are there", then why are the official statements of "Kiev" that "Russia is ready to send troops" ... ?? ))) For 7 years the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Battalions fought, and Russia is only now introducing troops.
And by the way, if "there" is that they are all mobilized in Papua New Guinea and they have no friends and relatives here - after all, no one has heard anything about this ...?

Come on, Russian troops are standing there

From the article, ".. the author advises to forget about the idea of ​​purchasing ..."
In my opinion, the author would better advise you to deal with the problems of your country and not look for problems far from it.
Donbass is a matter of principle for Russia, and even for its current leadership and neither NATO, nor the United States itself, nor their assistance will decide anything in terms of the military return of the rebellious regions that did not agree with the 2014 coup.

well, yes, they can, by fitting the aircraft carriers to the shores of Belarus

It is better, instead of missiles, to supply textbooks in which to impose the image of the enemy on the eastern neighbor, because the territory will come under the control of the east and if the population does not enter the fight, no weapon will have any effect, but with a fanatical population, resistance can be provided by sapper arms ...