The US seeks to manufacture rocket engines on its own


The US seeks to manufacture rocket engines on its own

11 February 2014. The US government began to think about how to independently produce Russian rocket engines RD-180. General Shelton said that the issue of creating our own engines for rocket complexes is a matter that directly concerns the independence and national security of the country.

It is worth recalling that the contract for the supply of these engines was concluded before the 2018 year. True, no one says that new engine models will be produced. American companies that are engaged in the production of this equipment will operate according to the received license.

Do not overlook the words of the head of the Russian-American enterprise RD Amross. Parson focused the attention of representatives of the US government on the fact that in case of switching to the independent production of these rocket components, the cost of production could rise by 50 percent.

But if we take into account all the recent events, especially when it comes to the appearance of the US warship in the Black Sea, then this decision is quite reasonable. The US government is concerned that after the recent events, the Russian authorities will decide to stop cooperation. They are afraid that Russia may break apart all agreements.

Thus, the United States of America is seeking to strengthen its independence and to establish the production of these missile components in its country.