USA: Su-57 turned out to be worse than the Soviet Su-27 and MiG-29

In the United States, Su-27 was superior to all existing Russian fighters.

Contrary to the fact that the operation of Su-27 fighters began as far back as 35 years ago, the United States considers this aircraft to be much more promising compared to much more modern Russian fighters, including, among others, the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter.

According to American analysts, the Russian Su-27 fighter is favored by the fact that this combat aircraft is still actively operated by Russian aerospace forces, and besides, foreign customers are most interested in it, in particular, this fighter today It is in service with more than ten states, including both the countries of the former USSR and China, India, Indonesia, etc.

According to American experts, the newest Russian Su-57 is significantly inferior to the model of the Soviet military aircraft industry, and therefore, the fifth-generation fighter took only fourth place in the list of the most formidable combat aircraft, losing not only to the Su-27, but also to the MiG-29 and even Su-Xnumx.

What exactly determines the choice of American analysts in favor of the Russian Su-27 is not known, however, it is speculated that with the start of supplies of Su-57 to the troops, it may well displace the Soviet Su-27 from the first position.

And if they say the name, then what?

Tell me the name of the American expert who experienced soo 27 and soo57, or at least stood next to them before declaring it!

Sits on the couch "expert" and evaluates.