Tank T-84 "Oplot-M"


USA: Tank T-84 "Oplot-M" from Ukraine is better than Russian equipment

Tank T-84 "Oplot-M" is considered the most modern main tank, which was on alert in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. True, he did not have to take part in real hostilities.

The American magazine The National Interest (USA) reviewed the advantages of the Ukrainian T-84 tank "Oplot" and compared this combat vehicle with competitors from the Russian Federation.

The Oplot modification is nothing more than a modernized version of one of the best Soviet T-80U tanks. It can be called a purely Ukrainian development, which embodies the most successful design findings of previously released models.

In the 2000s, this tank, together with Russian tanks, was tested in Malaysia, which made it possible to compare the characteristics of these combat vehicles. According to the results obtained, the T-84 "Oplot-M" was approximately identical to the Russian T-90S. According to the declared parameters, "Oplot" has approximately the same dynamic protection as tanks from the Russian Federation. The thermal imaging device used by the crew commander of the Ukrainian armored vehicles is somewhat better than that of most tanks serving in the Russian Armed Forces.

But even if one comes to the conclusion that the T-84 "Oplot-M" in terms of its characteristics bypasses any serial Russian tank, this does not give the Ukrainian troops any advantages, because in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is only a small amount of such equipment. Doubt about the outstanding characteristics of the T-84U tank is also caused by its disastrous performance in the Strong Europe 2018 competition.

Any country, even Ukraine, can create one (1) unique tank, the question is how many of them it will make

In Russia, in addition to the dynamic protection of the tank, there is also electronic warfare, and in a tank battalion, an electronic warfare unit. What, "tank industry ...

They have already shown what they are capable of in the NATov biathlon, everything has broken, a good tank can only be produced by a technically prepared country, Ukraine has lost it since 1991 and is unlikely to recover, it will copy Soviet developments in poor performance ...

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T-90S "Bhishma" modification 2001. are produced in India and have not had anything to do with the Russian Federation for 20 years. So this is a comparison between "Stronghold" and "Bhishma".