The US secretly transferred its additional Patriot air defense systems to Israel, breaking a promise not to interfere

Washington secretly intervened in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by supplying Israel with additional air defenses.

Despite the fact that US President Joseph Biden publicly announced that the United States would not intervene in the armed conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, it became known that the US military secretly transferred its Patriot air defense systems to Israel, as Israeli weapons were simply not enough to repel attacks.

“The American C-17 has landed at the capital's Tel Aviv airport. Iranian news agency Mehrnews reported that Washington appears to have erected an airlift to deliver secret weapons to Israel. Apparently, the plane was secretly carrying a large amount of cargo - reinforcements for the Jewish army. The C-17 departed from Ramstein Air Force Base in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate late Thursday evening and arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on Friday morning. After unloading, the giant US military transport aircraft took off and returned to Ramstein Base. US officials are currently not commenting on this information. It is worth noting that while the US Air Force transport aircraft arrived in Israel, hundreds of rockets were fired into Israeli territory, and Israel's Iron Dome missile defense systems had to work very hard to intercept them. "- сообщает edition "Soha".

It is noteworthy that after the release of such information, China announced that if the investigation reveals US intervention in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China will be ready to provide the necessary assistance to the Gaza Strip, obviously, the supply of weapons is also meant.

China is looking for an excuse to oppose the US in this way. I hope Russia will also support China. This is already something.