US threatens Europe with sanctions for developing new weapons

US banned Europe to develop weapons.

The publication of the newspaper “El Pais” informs that the United States issued a warning to the European Union that if it continues to develop its own defense projects, under which the involvement of a third party is envisaged, while maintaining the intellectual rights of the EU exclusively, effects.

The newspaper makes reference to the Deputy US Secretary of State Ellen Lord, who sent a letter to Federica Mogherini, who heads European diplomacy. The letter says that Brussels, with its plans, threatens the integration of Western countries, which has been carried out over the past decades within NATO.

It was especially noted that Washington is discontent with the conditions of the internal European program of Permanent Structured Security and Defense Cooperation. According to Lord, the program duplicates some military systems that are created in the framework of US cooperation with the EU. Because of this, defense spending increases excessively, and excessive rivalry appears.

Washington believes that a way out of this situation may be a review of the conditions of the existing program. Including it is necessary to refuse exclusive rights to intellectual property. It is also necessary to give up the rights to the veto, which the member countries that are leading specific defense projects have, which allow for cooperation with third countries.

В "El Pais" It is suggested about possible American concerns about Brexit, which is why Germany prefers to cooperate in France, rather than with the United Kingdom, which supports the United States.