Attacks against Syria


US Threatens New Large-Scale Strikes on Syria for Attack on Al-Tanf

After the attack on the US military base at-Tanf, the White House threatens with large-scale strikes on Syria.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US reserves the right to retaliate in response to the missile attack on the At-Tanf garrison. Washington may well take advantage of the actions of pro-Iranian formations, which attacked American troops in eastern Syria, to strike at key SAR targets, including as support for Israel.

“Our view of the Assad regime has not changed. I would like to celebrate the attack you asked me about - let me give you a little more context on that: US Central Command confirmed last night and issued a statement that ... the At-Tanf garrison area was targeted and coordinated. Initial reports indicate both drones and missiles were used in the attack. All American employees are safe. We are not aware of any injuries among US personnel at this time. Of course, we always reserve the right to answer. As I noted, we have nothing to preview about this. And we are still busy with the investigation. "Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the White House, said.

At the same time, US President Joseph Biden opposes any escalation between Washington and Damascus. However, given the fact that the United States took part in striking the territory of Syria together with Israel, it is possible that the Israeli side thus put pressure on Washington and deliberately created a provocation for a possible conflict between the United States and Iran.

Yes, the United States is no longer what it was 10 years ago. Then they did not threaten, but immediately retaliated, and it did not matter whether it was a military formation or a wedding card.

The invaders attacked another country and are still unhappy that they are resisted. Here we are!

The US has nothing to do in Syria