US stole Russian fighter-drone technology

In the United States, they “torn apart” Russian technology for controlling drone drones.

Despite the fact that the United States reacted rather dismissively both to the appearance of the Russian Su-57 fighter and to the S-70 “Hunter” attack drone, it became known that the US military, to put it mildly, borrowed a concept involving the use of fifth-generation fighters together with unmanned aerial vehicles.

“The 5 generation F-35A fighter and a pair of MQ-9 Reaper multi-purpose drones participated in flight training. This group of aircraft originally appeared in the east of the Nellis test site. And she attracted attention due to the fact that never before had the F-35A moved so close to the MQ-9 Reaper UAV. Both the fighter and the drones moved at the same height, in close proximity to each other. ", - the Military Review publication cites the arguments of the American side.

Experts believe that the Russian idea of ​​joint flights of attack drones with fighters has found great support in the United States, however, experts say, at the moment, the effectiveness of implementing such an idea in the United States remains at a very low level.

“The functionality of the MQ-9 Reaper is quite limited. The same F-35 is much better at dealing with striking ground targets than a drone, however, if the F-35 pilot also has to control the drone, the reliability of such a "system", frankly, raises a lot of doubts. ", - the expert marks.

In fact, for several years now amers have been working on pairing: - an AN-64E attack helicopter with an RQ-7B Shadow-200 UAV and an MQ-1C Gray Eagle
-aircraft AWACS E-2D, electronic warfare EA-18G "Growler" with MQ-4C "Triton"
- F-35A with drone drone
This is a natural idea, time will tell who worked better.



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