US attacks Yemen's Houthis again

On February 23, the US military destroyed seven mobile anti-ship cruise missiles belonging to the Ansar Allah movement, which controls northern Yemen. It is noted that these missiles, ready to be launched towards the Red Sea, posed an imminent threat to both merchant ships and US Navy ships operating in the region. US Central Command said its actions were aimed at self-defense and preventing a potential threat to maritime shipping.

The Houthis' actions, including threats to attack ships associated with Israel, have caused significant concern and led to the suspension of a number of shipping lines through the Red Sea. Despite the Houthis' claims that their actions are aimed at supporting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and do not interfere with freedom of navigation, their actions have caused serious concern at the international level.

The US and UK response to quell the Houthi threat has been described as necessary to ensure the safety of shipping in the critical Red Sea region. The strikes drew sharp criticism from the Houthis, who called them terrorist barbarity and unjustified aggression.


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