The United States first tried to protect its submarine from Russian anti-submarine aircraft by raising F-22 fighters

The United States tried to cover its fleet off the coast of Hawaii with F-22 fighters.

After the American nuclear submarine "USS North Carolina" left the US Navy base in Hawaii and was discovered by Russian warships and anti-submarine aircraft of the Russian Navy, it became known that the United States was very seriously afraid that Russia could actually take what - or actions against an American submarine, in connection with which F-22 fighters were raised into the sky. This is the first time that the US military has raised its fighters to defend a submarine.

It is known that against the background of the approach of Russian warships to the Hawaiian Islands, the US Air Force decided to use F-22 fighters to protect the submarine, and, probably, other US Navy ships. The latter carried out intensive flights, however, Russian warships and anti-submarine aircraft kept at a distance, in connection with which they managed to avoid any serious incidents.

It is known that the forces of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy are indeed practicing actions directed against the American fleet in this region, and, judging by the fact that the American nuclear submarine was discovered, now the American fleet has concerns about whether Russia can keep under the control of the entire US submarine fleet.