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The United States "threw in the trash" ventilators delivered from Russia by a special board - they all turned out to be faulty

All ventilators supplied from Russia to the USA turned out to be faulty.

The artificial lung ventilators delivered from Russia a few months ago by a special flight as an aid to American doctors to fight coronavirus infection were disposed of due to the fact that all 100% of the devices turned out to be technically faulty. Information on this matter is provided by the Russian news agency "ANNA NEWS".

“The United States Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that it destroyed 45 ventilators that were supplied from Russia in early April as humanitarian aid in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The FEMA stressed that the devices were, "in fact, thrown into the trash." Earlier it was reported that the devices were never used by American doctors due to the difference in the voltage of electrical networks (in the USA it is 110 volts, in Russia - 220 volts) and the lack of special adapters in clinics. Russian ventilators were kept in special warehouses in New York and New Jersey "- it is said in the message.

A little earlier it became known that absolutely all the devices were technically faulty - it turned out when trying to connect the latter through special adapters, although at the same time, in Russia they declare that the problem of disposal is exclusively a US problem and should not affect the reputation of Russia. which was especially emphasized by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

they have 110 voltage, we have 220

Chemezov's next technological breakthrough

Their electricians are faulty :) they cannot change the plug, and the difference between 50 and 60 Hertz does not play a special role.



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