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US will allocate 6.5 billion to fight with Russia

The US allocates 6,5 billion to Europe to deter Russia.

The US Congress has no intention to reduce the amount of funds allocated to Europe in the framework of the European Initiative on Containment.

A reduction in funding for this program was proposed by President Donald Trump. He is confident that 5,7 has enough billions of dollars a year to implement the program, not 6,5 billions, as envisaged, but the United States Congress refused to reduce the initial amount. Moreover, the congressmen proposed to allocate an additional 800 million dollars to ensure "containment of Russia." Changes can be made to the draft US military budget for the next fiscal year.

The draft military budget says:

"We propose to allocate to Europe an additional 794,23 million dollars for the needs of military construction, improvement of anti-submarine defense and other urgent priorities for containing Russia and working together with allies and partners.

The draft budget prescribes the State Department and the US Department of Defense to develop a strategy of “resisting Russian aggression in the Black Sea”, a strategy of “preventing Russian interference in the elections” of 2020. There is a requirement to expand the ban on "financing any activity aimed at recognizing Russia's sovereignty over the Crimea."

In addition, the document says that the United States needs to continue to limit “military cooperation with Russia”, but here we are talking about the need to provide measures that will reduce the risk of conflict.

As for the issue of allocating funds to Ukraine, there are no changes. 250 million dollars should be sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and “the security promotion initiative. Of this amount, 50 million is intended to acquire "only lethal defensive equipment."