MLRS Himars


The United States blocked the supply of Himars MLRS to Ukraine

The US will not supply new systems to Himars.

Until the end of this month, the United States will not supply new multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. According to sources, the reason for this was certain circumstances identified by the American side, in particular, we can talk about the losses of six Himars MLRS, which the Russian side had previously announced.

It is known that the United States was forced to interrupt the supply of new Himars systems to Ukraine. Only ammunition will be supplied, but in very limited quantities. This may be due to the fact that as a result of high-precision strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces and operational-tactical missile systems, part of the ammunition supplied to Ukraine (and the cost of each missile is estimated at $150) was destroyed.

The information that the supply of Himars MLRS to Ukraine was blocked by the American side is also confirmed by the fact that both last and the week before last in Washington, announcing new assistance to Ukraine, they did not mention that such weapons would be sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A little earlier, the United States announced that they planned to supply Ukraine with 50-60 M142 Himars and M270 MLRS MLRS, but, obviously, now the supply of these weapons is blocked, at least until the end of the month.


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