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US blocks sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey

Turkey will not be able to buy American fighters.

American congressmen announced that the deal on the sale of American F-16 fighters to Turkey would not take place, since the US Congress decided to block the deal between Washington and Ankara, about which the President of the United States of America Joe Biden had already received a notification.

The decision, negative for Erdogan, was made against the background of the fact that Turkey's current actions cause very serious concern and Ankara's frank provocative activities are directed against the national interests of the United States. Moreover, the United States is extremely dissatisfied with the possible confrontation between Turkey and Greece, Turkey's interference in the affairs of Armenia and Syria.

In turn, the Turkish side previously announced that if the United States refuses such a deal, then Ankara will acquire Russian Su-35 fighters and, probably, Su-57, however, due to Erdogan's outright complicity with terrorists in Syria and the occupation of part of the territory of the Arab republic. Moscow may also refuse to sell fighters to Turkey, especially since this country is a NATO member and has repeatedly infringed on the sovereignty of Russian territories.

"In a written letter to Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, 11 lawmakers expressed 'deep concern' over recent reports that Turkey may acquire 40 new Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters and 80 F-16 retrofit kits from the United States.", - the source said.

Turkey has not officially commented on the circumstances. Apparently, this will become a very big problem for Erdogan, as well as for the economic and military spheres of the country.