US detained Russian warships in the waters of Panama. Video

Russian warships tried to detain in the territorial waters of Panama.

During a long march, a group of Russian warships entered one of the ports of Ecuador, from where it headed for the Panama Canal, however, without explanation, the Russian warships were detained in the territorial waters of Panama.

There were no official comments from Russia or from the authorities of Panama on this score, however, according to information provided by a number of media, a group of Russian warships could not pass through the Panama Canal immediately after standing for at least two days without explanation.

It is reported that after a day the Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” was still seen crossing the Panama Canal, but other military units still remained in the territorial waters of Panama, without having the opportunity to cross the isthmus.

According to some reports, the prolonged delay is associated with US attempts to exert pressure on the authorities of Panama in order to prohibit the passage of Russian warships, which were supposed to be sent later to the territorial waters of Venezuela, however, obviously, such an incident would cause a serious cooling of political relations between Russia and Panama.

It is necessary not to go by any ship, but by the whole fleet and preliminarily go to VENEZUELU where to place your base!

Got game, in foreign waters a foreign country delays our ships ..........

You kind of wrote that our boats went through the bay (read 8 hours ago

It seems that otherwise why pendosy would be so mad.

What are our navy good fellows! We must plow the Caribbean Sea until the States forget the road to the Black Sea. And in Venezuela to build a base.

It's time to put the Pindos in place!

Through New York to California)))

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it's time to enter your government in Panama. Put a couple of Iskander

Is the Panama Canal not under the jurisdiction of the United States?
I remember that in the last century they "credited" the Panamanian leader for trying to spread the jurisdiction of Panama to the Panama Canal.
They also called him "our son of a bitch" until he encroached on their sacred - on their property.

the sailors must have all escaped into the wild, and therefore stood

It seems to be when they promised to make a new strait instead of Panama. Maybe it's time?