T-90 Tank


US Captured Export Version of Russian T-90C Tank

The United States was at the disposal of the Russian tank T-90.

One of the newest tanks, among those available in the arsenal of Russia, appeared in a completely unexpected way in the United States of America. According to a columnist for the Polish military magazine Nowa Technika Wojskowa, the T-90 was transferred to the US military from India, but there is an alternative version - the T-90 was captured from the Syrian military.

It is reported that the T-90 tank, which was at the disposal of the US military, is an export version, while India, if this country really transferred one of these tanks to the United States, is by far the largest importer of T-90C tanks.

“As far as I know from my source, the USA got a T-90 with a welded tower a long time ago, probably some kind of T-90С sub-option. My source who saw him said it was a T-90. My source is reliable. And it’s not surprising if the USA got a T-90С with a welded tower from India or from somewhere else. ”- said in the message.

It should be clarified that earlier US military aircraft destroyed several T-90 tanks in Syria, which could well lead to their capture in order to study.

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