The United States announced its readiness to start a war with Russia over Ukraine

The United States has declared its readiness to participate in the war against Russia over Ukraine.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that the United States of America does not rule out that they will have to fight against Russia in the event of clashes in Ukraine. An unequivocal answer on this score has not yet been given, however, such a statement is fundamentally at odds with recent statements by Washington. This indicates that the White House has decided to change its mind.

“We hope that the Russians will respond to our attempts to find a diplomatic solution and de-escalate the situation along the border, and not drag us into the crisis that we are all planning and expecting. If this does not happen, you can expect that if the Russians cross the Ukrainian border or take any aggressive action against Ukraine, we will respond aggressively. They heard it from the President of the United States, they heard it from the Secretary of State, and they heard it from me here in New York. Therefore, we continue to work with them at the diplomatic level. We hope that we will find a diplomatic solution. But if we cannot find a diplomatic solution that leads to de-escalation, we will respond to any action the Russians may take against Ukraine. And they are aware of these activities. They were informed of our plans. We hope we don't have to go very far."Linda Thomas-Greenfield said.

The US Ambassador to the UN did not disclose any details, however, apparently, at the moment the situation in Donbass is critical.

“What was observed in the Donbass a year ago cannot be compared with the current situation. The situation in the region is such that an offensive, followed by a full-scale armed conflict in Europe, can begin in just a few hours., - the expert marks.

The whole world was entangled in lies and their own paper dollars! And the result is millions of dead, destroyed countries, puppet governments, as in Ukraine, grief for the people, the revival of fascism, the destruction of the economies of countries and the robbery of natural resources.

The US does not need Ukraine, the US needs power over everyone. Divide and rule in Europe - the main principle of the United States, don't the Europeans really see this?

Stop fantasizing .. they will allow it, they will not allow it. Who is Ukraine to get into it? Do not make me laugh...

So let this couch strategist go to fight .. it seems to her that they won’t fly in .. even as they fly in. And the bunkers won't save

There was no annexation. Crimea was illegally part of Ukraine.

The United States already lost its face in 2014 by not responding to the annexation of Crimea. Although, according to the Budapest Memorandum, they were one of the guarantors of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. I don't think they will allow a second such humiliation.

The United States is a country on whose territory not a single shell and not a single rocket exploded. They did not see either torn or crippled relatives, real human grief from the war. And when they feel it on their land and in their own skin, they will never send their children to fight in other countries in their lives.

Well, it's hardly white, more yellow-brown))

Chamomile loves not loves

There is a simple psychological pressure on who will be the first to fail and retreat. Ordinary gangster blackmail fueled by the State Department. They have nothing else to do. They were also warned where the missiles would fly.

At 14 there was little

Yes, what is it with them? How is a woman (Western) so ready to fight?!
Is this their kind of .. feminism?

No one thinks to fight in NATO because of Ukraine!!!

If THIS happens, then it will not be a conflict, but a WAR and ... not only in the European space, but also in YOUR amerobog!
Don't forget about THIS. Here you are not Vietnam or Cambodia.

Our leadership had to act at 14. And what is happening now ..

The USA is collapsing like a house of cards, they have no other way out but to start a war! It's like before the Second World War and the Great Depression in the USA (and it is already close), and the only way to fill your pockets with money and survive the USA as a state is war (war, as you know, will write everything off). True, the war with Russia is a game of Russian roulette.

Vaughn how it turned out! And then many cracked that America would not fight. These are disinformers playing into the hands of the enemy, lulling their vigilance.

The United States decided to make kebabs out of NATO instructors on Ukrainian soil after being hit by the Sun. In the Armed Forces, the survivors of this strike will raise their white underpants for immediate surrender.