The United States announced its readiness to repel Iran's attack on Israel

The US is on high alert for the possibility of a major Iranian retaliatory attack on Israel, raising the risk of wider regional conflict. In light of the recent Israeli attack on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria that killed three Iranian generals, Washington acknowledges a "real" and "credible" threat from Iran.

The United States is increasing its military presence in the region and moving additional assets to the Middle East to support regional deterrence efforts and strengthen the protection of American forces. US Navy forces in the Red Sea recently intercepted missiles fired by the Houthis from Yemen towards Israel. In addition, the US military in Iraq and Syria is prepared to intercept missiles and drones aimed at northern Israel.

US President Joe Biden has expressed the expectation that Iran may soon launch an attack on Israel. During a White House briefing on Friday, he told reporters that while he had no desire to reveal details of classified information, an attack from Iran was likely and, in his opinion, would occur soon.


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