The United States announced its intention to transfer 1000 tanks to Ukraine

The United States intends to transfer 1000 tanks to Ukraine in the near future.

The United States confirmed its intention to transfer a large batch of tanks to Ukraine, however, contrary to Ukraine's requests to provide Kyiv with NATO-standard tanks, it became known that the tanks planned for delivery were Soviet-style combat vehicles.

The supply of one thousand tanks to Ukraine can lead to an extremely serious round of destabilization in the region. This is primarily due to the fact that this will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to significantly restore their losses over the 7 months of the ongoing special military operation. However, there is some very bad news for the Ukrainian military - due to the exhaustion of T-72 tanks by Western countries, the deliveries will almost certainly include very old combat vehicles. In particular, we are talking about M-55S tanks and more rare models. It is possible that Western military vehicles may also be transferred to Ukraine, however, we are talking only about old military equipment, most of which have already been decommissioned and are not used in the regular armies of NATO countries.

The ongoing deliveries of heavy offensive weapons to Ukraine indicate not only that the West is directly prolonging the conflict, but also that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have very serious losses among armored vehicles.


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