US Air Force


US announces deployment of additional fighters in Alaska due to endless Russian Su-35s

Russian fighters have questioned the combat capability of the US Air Force in Alaska.

After Russia began to actively use its Su-35 fighters for flights near Alaska since September last year, the American military command announced that the F-35 and F-22 fighters deployed on the peninsula are not enough to cope with Russian aviation. ...

Previously, the United States deployed its F-35 and F-22 fighters exclusively to counter Russian bombers, reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft, however, after the borders of the United States and Canada began to literally storm Russian Su-35 fighters, the American military command announced that in addition will deploy F-16 fighters to Alaska - the latter, obviously, will be used to counter Russian bombers, reconnaissance aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft, while American fifth-generation fighters will have to fight against Russian Su-35s.

Earlier, the United States announced that 2020 Russian military aircraft were intercepted off the coast of Alaska in 60, however, obviously, such actions by Russia are associated with provocations by Washington and the creation of additional tension on the Russian borders.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that the United States admits the uselessness of its Air Force against the Russian Su-35, while in Europe Russian Su-35 fighters are no longer even pursued by NATO fighters.