A new buyer of Russian Su-57 became known

The new buyer of Russian Su-57 may be the state in Southeast Asia.

According to information provided by the Russian media, despite the refusal of China, India and Turkey to buy fifth-generation Russian fighters, the Russian Su-57 has a new buyer. Myanmar may become one, however, due to the lack of official comments from Myanmar itself, experts expressed extreme doubt.

The reason for the skepticism of analysts was the fact that today the Myanmar Air Force is at a fairly low level, in particular, according to open sources, the most modern combat aircraft of this country is the MiG-29, but the number of such is only 18 units.

“There are a lot of questions about whether the Russian Su-57 fighters want to buy Myanmar at a price of 100-150 million dollars, because it was because of this factor that India refused the Russian Su-57. The development of the Air Force is the prerogative of any state, however, spending enormous funds for the sake of several combat aircraft is unlikely to be an effective step. ”, - the analyst notes.

Remarkable is the fact that RIA "FAN"Describes the Russian Su-57 as a combat aircraft armed with an X-47М2 hypersonic aerial ballistic missile, which is part of the Dagger ARC, attributing to the latter the ability to hit sea targets in 4,7 thousand kilometers, although the effective range of hitting targets in a hypersonic missile is 2-3 times less, and the only carrier of the ARC "Dagger" is a supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31.