Russian air defense


The reason for NATO's activity near the Crimean borders has become known - all because of the newest Russian air defense system

Experts explained what attracted NATO aircraft to the airspace of the Crimea.

The abnormal activity of NATO fighters and reconnaissance aircraft near the borders of the Crimean peninsula received an explanation from experts. So, according to a number of assumptions, the blame for everything was the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-350 "Vityaz" deployed in the south of the country, about which NATO has no information at all.

The commander of the military district, General of the Army Alexander Dvornikov, confirmed information that the first anti-aircraft missile systems S-350 "Vityaz", designed to engage targets at medium distances, have entered service in the Southern Military District, which may be helpful for reconnaissance by NATO aircraft.

“This year the promising medium-range anti-aircraft missile system S-350“ Vityaz ”entered service. According to its characteristics, the S-350 is designed to combat both aerodynamic and ballistic targets ", - said Alexander Dvornikov.

It should be noted that for the third week in a row, anomalous activity of NATO aviation has been observed near the borders of Russia, in particular, only in the past few days, Russian aviation has taken off several times to prevent violations of the country's borders.