It became known how Israeli F-35 cheat C-300 and C-400

Israeli F-35 successfully trick Syrian C-300 and Russian C-400.

According to information provided by Iraqi intelligence, the main reason for the unknown attacks on the territory of Syria and Iraq is Israel’s use of its fifth-generation F-35 fighters, the software of which is modified so that the fighters could not be identified. In one of the latest attacks, Israeli F-35s disguised themselves as American warplanes.

Experts note that in this way, the Israeli military may well confuse the Russian and Syrian air defense systems C-400 and C-300, providing protection of airspace over the ATS. However, it is important to note that such information remains without comment at the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that a few days earlier the Israeli media reported that Russian electronic warfare systems prevent Israeli F-35 from flying over Syria, which indicates that similar attempts have already been made.

Given this information, experts have questions regarding the effectiveness of air defense systems in Syria.

Sergey Serov, why did you decide that Israeli technologies are ahead of Russian by 40 years, why not by 50 or 100, where does such confidence in your statement come from? What do you mean by the word TECHNOLOGIES? It’s good to carry nonsense.

Another article is nonsense. Operators of the S-300 air defense system cannot distinguish whose aircraft the US or Israeli air forces use; they are recognized by the state system for them. identification as “Alien” is unambiguous and it makes no difference which flags are drawn on the sides, as these countries are not included in the recognition system of the Russian Air Force. State affiliation of the aircraft (USA or Israel) in this area is determined not by hardware, but by using other reconnaissance capabilities. By the way, remember the experts once and for all setting passive jamming type dipole reflector (cutting strips of metal foil proportional to the wavelength of the C-300 air defense radar) with their subsequent discharge from the carrier aircraft for the C-300 air defense system is not relevant, and for many other systems Air defense, since the signal reflected from them does not enter the receivers of the radar. There is a technical solution for selecting a reflected signal from passive interference data. And simply for C-300 and C-400 they do not exist, they do not exist even if they are applied. Somehow like this.

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the experiments will end with the one who shot down very quickly, Israeli technologies have been ahead of Russia for 40 years. Do not forget.

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And why do we believe in everything ?? Yes, you never know what anyone will write, especially there. I also found spices. Everyone understood, they all figured out who was deceiving whom and how. Who is he this Babak Taghvaee ?? Any authoritative expert or journalist? How much they wrote there, even a video was shown about chemical attacks, for example. I do not believe a single word.

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Israeli F-35 disguised themselves as American warplanes ...
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They operate under the guise of civilian passenger planes making regular flights to Damascus, knowing the flight schedule, you do not need to change any software.

Warn the US that Russia will shoot down all unidentified planes over Syria. We seem to have “cooperation” with the Americans in Syria, so they should not turn off recognition on their planes, i.e. there is no danger to them, but the unidentified BEATING HAPPY, DOT!

There are different ways to cheat the radar. For example, several drones are launched ahead that create radio interference and spray foil or something that is well reflective. Radars will be deceived, guidance will be erroneous.

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The author of the article needs to think with his head, not his seat. Think about it: how can changing the software on F-35 affect the processing of information on the C-300 computer?

If you once bring down an unidentified violator of Syrian airspace, then Israeli experiments will immediately end!

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