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Israeli F-16s managed to bypass the radars of Russian S-400s - it became known as

It became known how Israeli fighters managed to bypass the Russian S-400.

After the Russian side supplied Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems and integrated them with Russian air defense systems, including the S-400 air defense system, it became known that Israeli fighters learned to deceive one of the most long-range and advanced air defense systems in the world.

To date, it is known that Syrian air defense systems can attack Israeli fighters only if the latter appear in Syrian airspace or pose a very serious threat. Nevertheless, at least 8 cases are known when Israeli fighters freely invaded the airspace of the Arab Republic, struck and successfully escaped from the Syrian air defenses. As it became known, this is really possible, but only in special areas of Syria, where the radars of the Russian S-400 and even more so the radars of the Syrian S-300, simply do not see the target.

As follows from the information provided, Israeli F-16s, and, probably, F-35 fighters, deliberately enter attacks from the south and east of Syria. Due to the special location of the Syrian and Russian air defense systems, it is possible to detect aerodynamic targets in these directions only if the latter are at an altitude of over 800 meters. If Israeli fighters move at an altitude of less than 100 meters (and similar attacks were previously recorded), then the effective range of destruction of both the S-300 and the S-400 is from 40 to 100 kilometers, which is much less than the range of destruction of Israeli cruise missiles ...

“The flights of the American and Israeli aircraft made it possible to draw up a kind of map of the affected areas of Russian air defense systems, which the United States and Israel are actively using at the moment. As can be seen from the presented image, with its range, the S-300 and S-400 air defense systems simply do not cover most of Syria, provided that the targets are located at an altitude of less than a kilometer. ", - the expert marks.

The problem is that there are air defense echelons .. One radar is not enough to bypass .. Well, we do not forget electronic warfare

It's funny "We are not enemies of Russia and the Russian people."
- IL-20
- weapon to Bandera-Azov
- weapons to Georgians
still ?

For a big war, heavy industry is needed, and Israel does not have it!

For example....
Israel has achieved international competitiveness in mechanical engineering and metalworking. The sector is heavily based on science and technology. The fruitful work of Israeli engineers results in high-quality metal products for machine-tool building, tool base, engines, and military equipment.

Iscar Ltd [website 3] has several factories in the Northern Industrial Zone of Dalton and the Northern Industrial Zone at Kiryat Shmona (Tel Hai Industrial Park). Iscar is the world leader, second only to Sandvik Coromant in Sweden, in carbide cutting tools for metalworking and machine tooling. The company has 140 branches in 65 countries around the world. Year of foundation: 1952. Employees: 10 thousand people ...

Another example
Israel has become one of the centers for the development of the production of electronics, computer technology, equipment for telecommunications, including a military one.

Orbotek [website 41] in Yavne, founded in 1981, develops and manufactures automated optical quality control systems for use in printed circuit boards, flat panel displays and sensors for cardiac equipment. The company employs 1500 people.

Elop Electro-Optics Industries (Hebrew) [website 42] specializes in the design and manufacture of electro-optical security systems. The company's plant is located in Rehovot and Kiryat Weizman.

Tower Semiconductor [website 43] manufactures semiconductors and integrated circuits for the electronics industry. The company's annual turnover is about $ 0,5 billion. The company's plant is located in Migdal HaEmek.

In 1964, Israel became the first country to establish a Motorola subsidiary outside the United States. Motorola in Israel is considered one of the most successful Motorola subsidiaries and is a partner in all important areas of the company around the world. Motorola Israel specializes in providing unique communications solutions in areas such as control systems, postal monitoring terminal systems, and wireless phone product and software solutions. Motorola has built an assembly plant in Arad. The business is currently owned by Flextronics, but continues to manufacture products for Motorola as well.

I think that's enough?

3 Mining industry
4 Metalworking and mechanical engineering
4.1 Automotive industry
4.2 Production of machinery for agriculture
5 Energy
5.1 Oil and gas sector
5.2 Electricity sector
6 Chemical industry
7 Pharmaceutical industry
8 Pulp and paper industry
9 Textile, clothing and furniture manufacturing
10 Electronics
11 Aerospace
12 Defense industry
13 Food industry

Jericho 3

Israeli solid-propellant two-stage (or three-stage) strategic ballistic missile (medium-range and intercontinental)

Created on the basis of Jericho II and Shavit.

The mass of the combat load depends on the range: normal - 750 kg (with this mass, the warhead can be delivered at a distance from 2 thousand km to 11 km), but it can reach up to 500 ton and even 1 tons; with a nuclear warhead mass of 1,3 kg, this missile can hit targets at a distance of more than 350 km.
A missile can carry up to three separable individually guided nuclear warheads. Radar-guided warheads.

Although the missile is designed to be based in underground mines, it can also be installed on mobile platforms, including railway ones.

High speed makes the rocket virtually invulnerable to interception.

The missile has the ability to install a multiple warhead with 2-3 warheads, the possible use of a mobile launcher, the possible presence of up to three Jericho-3 squadrons in the IDF, the possible presence of a warhead with a radar homing head, and can also be used for strike with an electromagnetic pulse (pulse bomb) to disable the enemy's infrastructure.
Thus, Jericho-3 is capable of delivering a nuclear strike on the territory of Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, North Korea, Europe, etc.


To be friends with Jews, not to respect yourself

Of course, you can not love or not be friends with Jews, this is your business. But the Jews in any case will always remember that it was the Russian people who defeated Nazism with their fortitude and staunchness during the years of peace, and only thanks to this we are alive.

To be friends with Jews, not to respect yourself
Why did the rags they so offended that? Were you friends with Jews?
By the way, the same thing is said a lot about the Russians. Intersnyh yes? Well, there, Poles, Ukrainians, British, etc.

Israel has no interest in outsmarting Russia, since Israel and Russia are devoting themselves to Syria based on common interests. Russia wants to have its presence in the region, Izrial does not want Iran's presence at its borders. Which coincides with the interest of Russia.

Well, don't be friends, the Jews lived without your friendship for 3000 years, they will live without it and the same amount

Israel lives by its own interests, and in many ways its interests coincide with the interests of the United States. But in many ways they do not coincide. Israel has excellent relations with Russia as well. The work in Syria is smooth, Russia does not interfere with Israel and Israel is not there in the affairs of Russia. And the USA does not like it very much. The United States also does not like the fact that Israel does not accept the American doctrine of the results of World War II, but considers the USSR the winner. So Israel has both disagreements with Russia, but also many common interests. Trade by example and safety. You can also say that Russia lives in an Iranian or Chinese feeding trough. All countries have their own interests. There are no friends in politics, there is only interest.

Deceived Russians? Deceived in what? And by whom? Russians are a people, like all peoples. And they are deceived both by themselves and by others, like all other peoples. You shouldn't portray the Russians as something special, the Nazis have already done this ...

If Syria is not the enemy, then return the Golan Heights that you captured ...

For a big war, resources are needed, but Israel does not have them!
For a big war, heavy industry is needed, and Israel does not have it! For a big war, warriors are needed, and Israel does not have them! Having eliminated this geographical misunderstanding on the map of the World, Russia loses the meaning of its presence in the Middle East. Think carefully about the last phrase before answering and do not forget that everything that is done on a turnkey basis for 32 is an unattainable technology for Jews! Their lot is hours and teeth!

Russian forces do not kill Isrial missiles at all. The Syrians are trying to do this. But alas, this is not possible. Because they can't track Israeli planes. Firstly, this is no longer the F-16, but the F-35, with Izrial radar suppression systems. So the area has nothing to do with it. Moreover, strikes are usually delivered from the territory of Lebanon and not Syria. The S-400 is not used in principle, since there is no threat to Russian bases and soldiers in Syria. Israel is not at war with Syria or with Russia.

Well, many people say the same thing about Russia, especially in the west. And what do you personally have against Israel? Did he hurt you?

You should not turn your complexes in front of the Jews into hatred. We are not enemies of Russia and the Russian people. Our enemy is Iran, and we are working on it in Syria. And Russian air defense systems, in principle, do not even work according to our goals, since there is a strategic partnership. So the article is a bluff. All strikes against the Iranian formation in Syria are negotiated by Israel with the Russian forces. So relax.

"Better to be friends with Israel" is like "friends" with a jackal.

You are friends with them. If not for people like you, there would be fewer deceived Russians.

A beautiful picture on the monitor of the Israeli radar.

Israel has long been in the trough of the United States, and there is no need to be friends with him.

What are you saying ?!

To be friends with Jews, not to respect yourself

in 1976 I was a cadet in the uchebnik of Grozny. and met a captain who participated in the Arab Israeli conflict. The modern authorities and henchmen of the West are lying. in a nutshell, the number of Israeli aircraft shot down in 3 days exceeded 60, this is all our ARROW 2m and stopped flying at low altitude. true, and their own, too, fell under the distribution of the arrows did not have the device of theirs or foes flies from that side and knocked down the time to make a decision was not enough.

Israel will always find a way to outsmart the Russians. Their equipment is an order of magnitude higher than the Russian one. And the tech is at a higher level. Better to be friends with Israel.

The task of the Russian and Syrian air defenses is to cover certain areas of the location of the troops, standing by agreement of the parties. We are not obliged to cover Iranian formations and weapons storage bases. Accordingly, and shoot down Israeli planes outside the borders of Syria. Only launched missiles are shot down, and given a small distance, restrictions in location and terrain, this is extremely difficult to do.

Fine! Russia will practice "on cats", and then smash on real goals at the borders of Russia. Syria is an excellent testing ground for its developments. This does not work out, like the States with the Patriots.

Who?))) There are many mountainous areas, and radars in the lowlands are installed at the bases. The creation of such maps is only a matter of time for reconnaissance. The radar station has a potential enemy and there is no such coverage for low-flying targets! Low-flying targets enveloping the terrain easily pass by the Israeli radar !!! Therefore, they try to beat "enemy" drones of all stripes at airfields, warehouses and where they are being assembled! LCD is very effective in subsonic ballistics - this is a fact, BUT the list of potential threats is not limited to this! Russia knows this and does not welcome it when different sides of conflicts try to hide behind it! BUT this is reality because there is NO direct connection with Syria and you have to "close your eyes" to various "dirty tricks" from different sides, making many compromises in order to continue solving their personal problems !!!


Ay yay yay again we snapped on the nose



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