Coronavirus in Russia


It became known when the decline of coronavirus in Russia

The approximate date of the decline of the coronavirus in Russia is named.

Coronavirus decline in Russia will come within the next 2-3 weeks. Such conclusions were made by specialists based on the number of new cases of registration of this infection and the number of recovered citizens. Currently, there is a daily increase in this disease, however, based on the fact that the percentage increase in the new number of cases has almost stabilized, while the number of people who have recovered continues to grow steadily, analysts believe that coronavirus will end in Russia within the next 2-3 weeks.

“If we take into account current statistics, the daily growth in the number of new infections has seriously slowed down, while the number of recovered citizens continues to grow rapidly. Obviously, the situation can stabilize within the next 8-12 days, after which the coronavirus decline in Russia will begin ”, - the analyst notes.

Taking into account the statistics for the last three days, the daily increase in the incidence really began to stabilize and there are no sharp jumps in the infected, and therefore, the arguments of experts about the beginning of the decline of coronavirus in Russia over the next 2-3 weeks are quite reliable.

It should be noted that today the ratio of deaths to the number of infected in Russia is one of the lowest in the world - the statistical probability of death in case of infection in Russia is about 0,8-0,85%.

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