Moscow air defense


It became known about US cyber attacks on Russian military and strategic facilities

The United States has intensified cyber attacks on the Russian power system.

The publication of The New York Times reported that over the past year, the intelligence services of the United States have attempted to break into the software of the Russian power systems much more than before.

Sources of the publication claim that in Washington it was already a matter of implemented tracking programs that are capable of shutting down certain elements of energy systems, including those related to Russian military and strategic facilities.

The interviewee said the following:

“We do it on a scale that we never thought about a few years ago.”

He also stressed that the activity, reinforced by US government hackers, is intended to be a warning to “Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

During a public hearing on June 11, presidential adviser for national security John Bolton made a statement. It states that the United States, at present, the electronic services of states are widely viewed as potential targets for attacks. According to Bolton, this is part of an attempt to explain “Russia or anyone else who conducts cyber operations against us:“ You will pay the price. ”

A joint report by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, published by the US government in 2017, refers to hacker attacks against US energy companies and industrial enterprises. Intelligence agencies claim that since May, hackers have shown an increased interest in nuclear power, aviation, water supply, and also in key industries.

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