It became known about the interception by the Americans of control over the unique Russian underwater vehicle

The Russian "doomsday" torpedo is "under the hood" of the Americans.

The most unique Russian weapon, the nuclear underwater unmanned aerial vehicle "Status-6", also known as "Poseidon", was "under the hood" of the United States. According to news agencies, the process of taking over control of a nuclear drone is already an actually implemented task, which creates very unfavorable prospects for Russia.

"The Russian promising underwater unmanned floating vehicle Poseidon, which in April 2018 was called the Doomsday weapon in the UK, has" many advantages "over a submarine with a crew on board, military expert Alexander Zhilin told RIA Novosti. According to Zhilin, the potential risks associated with the operation of Poseidon are small. “It is clear that certain risks arise if, conventionally, hackers try to take over control. But after talking with our engineers, designers, I came to the conclusion that the protection against external interference is colossal, "the commentator is sure.", - about it сообщает publication.

Among the probable “troubles” there may be remote detonation of a nuclear weapon near the Russian borders, however, experts believe that in this case neither the United States, let alone NATO, will want to destroy the missile near Russian territories, since the explosion will cover the entire northern part of Europe, although the damage to Russia will be relatively small - due to certain winds, Russia will not even fall under the radioactive release.

The author is clearly a "specialist" in combat underwater unmanned vehicles, an "expert" of Russian military secrets, and of course, all the miscalculations of our military engineers immediately become known to him!

To be honest, the article is some kind of nonsense.

I do not understand you - what are you writing, transfer pliz to English.

Laurel. Yeah. Saltpeter in 3000 tons is called

"the underwater unmanned aerial vehicle" Status-6 "apparently" flew "in the wrong place under water, because without a pilot, the Sshans intercepted it, though how did this author know this, if only the Sshans themselves secretly said

They intercepted everything for a long time - all the money of domestic hucksters is there, families and children live / study and are treated there. So sleep well ...

Underwater, equestrian, aviation - as it is ...

And the Americans also have battle crabs - they follow Poseidon, communicate with lobsters, shrimp there - sea horror, and you are "seals", intercepted "Poseidon" ...

Somehow I do not believe that the Americans can detect the Poseidon submarine and destroy it. Another provocation of theirs. They want to once again show to NATO that their technology is much superior to the Russian one. This is another fake. Let them honor Poseidon's characteristics. Poseidon's speed in underwater mode is from 130 km to 200 km and more than 1000 meters can descend to a depth more than one American rocket can withstand such pressure. It will simply flatten (crush) and will not reach its goal.

Everything is correct. The Americans seized control and sent a torpedo towards Lebanon. And since the force of the explosion on the torpedo is regulated, the force was set at 50-100 tons of TNT equivalent. These damn Merikos have stripped Russia of the Doomsday Weapon and at the same time avenged Lebanon for Hezbollah.
This is the unpublished opinion of an anonymous military ... expert

I repeat, a nuclear unmanned underwater aircraft, you can not read further

But most of all I liked him; ".... weapons, nuclear submarine unmanned aerial vehicle ....."
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It's strange. The device has not yet been built, and the control is ready for interception. Wonderful are your works, O Lord ...

This "expert" turns out to be Poseidon "underwater (understandable), floating (really) and flying (hello Jules Verne) apparatus" ?? Well it’s. What makes fear especially dense and UO. About hackers ... no words.)))) Laughed.

On the internet, 95% as Vysotsky sang - And like flies here and there, rumors go home, and the toothless old woman carry them home ...

I'm surprised how you can detect without knowing anything, it's a cartoon.
Moreover, to look for status 6 =)))), again you need some data. And yet, the status does not fly. And in general, this device cannot be caught by noise and air bubbles. Super duper missiles have, and a big red button is terrible =)))).

You might think that Poseidon is sailing under the control of a person at the base on some radio channel, for example. If a nuclear submarine is almost impossible to detect, especially under the ice, then what can we say about Pseidon, which is several times smaller and therefore several times quieter and floats for an unlimited time without a crew.

Believe the self-named "expert" Zhilin?

I just imagine how a cool shooter with a laptop swims with a brass after the status and diligently presses the buttons, and the school program on pascal is typed on the screen. Wait in theaters this winter

The article is about nothing. One woman said in the bazaar, others smashed it.