It became known about the first flight of the Russian Su-75 fighter

The Russian Su-75 will take to the skies by the end of 2023.

The new Russian fifth-generation fighter, the Su-75, will be launched by the end of 2023. This became known during the presentation of the Russian light combat vehicle. Apparently, the serial production of Su-75 fighters is planned to begin by 2027. This allows us to assert that the combat aircraft has already successfully passed a whole series of tests and is currently preparing a prototype for flights.

Today it is known that the Su-75 fighter will be capable of speeds up to 2000 km / h .. Its combat load is 7400 kilograms, and the flight range reaches 3 thousand kilometers. With the previously announced cost of the Su-75 fighter at $ 25-30 million, this unique combat vehicle may turn out to be very popular, especially since today there are at least 12 potential buyers of a light fighter, including Vietnam, India, Egypt, Algeria etc.

As for the combat capabilities of the Su-75 fighter, so far this issue is controversial. According to a number of data, it may turn out to be slightly weaker than the F-35 fighter, while, in fact, this combat aircraft is designed to fight fourth generation fighters. Due to its armament and high maneuverability, it practically will not have opponents.