Start of a rocket


It became known about the first use of the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense system

Russian S-500 air defense systems fired at their first targets.

Russian S-500 systems were successfully fired by anti-aircraft guided missiles as part of tests at one of the Russian firing ranges and are currently being prepared for transfer to the troops. According to the director of the Center for the Analysis of World Trade in Arms Igor Korotchenko, the maximum height for hitting targets at the Russian S-500 "Prometheus" is 300 kilometers, however, due to the fact that the complex is the most secret, it is logical to assume that the real capabilities of "Prometheus" are much wider.

“The S-500 is capable of detecting, tracking as targets traditional for such systems - aircraft of all types, tactical and operational-tactical missiles, ballistic missiles, as well as drones and promising hypersonic missiles. The system works in a wide range: in the atmosphere and near space, at altitudes of the order of 270-300 kilometers ”- said Igor Korotchenko.

Given the fact that the transfer of the S-500 Prometheus to the troops was scheduled for 2021, today this system was supposed to shoot at almost all types of aerodynamic and ballistic targets, and experts do not exclude that the Russian Prometey was also the first to It was also tested for hypersonic purposes, since only in this case could the operation of this complex be guaranteed.