It became known about the plans of Azerbaijan to destroy the S-300 positions covering Yerevan

S-300 positions a few kilometers from Yerevan became the next target of Azerbaijan.

Military sources report the intentions of the Azerbaijani military to deliver a powerful blow to the deployment area of ​​the Armenian S-300 air defense systems in the vicinity of the city of Abovyan, located just a few kilometers from Yerevan. By destroying this S-300 positional area, Baku will make the capital of Armenia completely open to attacks.

After Azerbaijan with a tactical missile strike destroyed a large positional area of ​​the S-300 "Favorite" air defense system near the border of Armenia and the NKR, it became obvious that Yerevan did not have the means to effectively track unmanned aerial vehicles and missile launches, the likelihood that the next the blow will strike the area of ​​the Armenian capital has increased greatly.

“By destroying the S-300 in the Abovyan region, Baku will create a threat to Yerevan, since any subsequent attacks by Armenia on Azerbaijan will make Yerevan the main target of this conflict. At the moment, Armenia has all its hopes only for Russia, but Moscow does not want to interfere in this conflict ", - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that earlier Armenia had already used its S-300 air defense systems deployed near Yerevan to repel a missile strike on the Armenian capital - then anti-aircraft missiles successfully intercepted two targets.

And I don't need Armenians and Azeris on the streets of Russian cities. Let them live in their historical homeland ...

Let's wait and see who will fight back and how.

What international law, the world is ruled by calculation and power. Russia does not need the Turks and vassals of Azerbaijan to win and it will help Armenia, the Armenians are not sheep and will fight back with less forces!

Why would Azerbaijan strike at the S-300, which is guarding Yerevan, this does not apply to Karabakh (if not the plan to attack) ?? The S-300 is not even an Iskander and does not pose a threat to the Azerbaijani army. According to article 2 of the collective security treaty, the countries of the party to the treaty help their armed forces in case of a threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the participating country, and consultations are held urgently if the country is a party to the treaty. Russia should not fight for Karabakh, which it recognizes as Azerbaijani.

"since any subsequent strikes by Armenia against Azerbaijan will make Yerevan the main target of this conflict" the author is right, but this still requires "approval" from the Iravan master, that is, Russia.

I hope Russia will still take the side of international law and justice ...