Tanker is on fire


It became known about the blowing up of a Russian oil tanker - it banked and sinks. Ukrainian mine or sabotage?

A Russian oil tanker was blown up in the waters of the Azov Sea.

The night before, a powerful explosion occurred in the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov. As it turned out, the explosion took place on board an oil tanker sailing under the Russian flag, and, judging by this, it is about sabotage by Ukraine, since a spontaneous explosion is simply ruled out - there was no oil and gas on board the tanker.

“There was an explosion on the Russian oil tanker General Azi Aslanov in the Sea of ​​Azov, rescuing ten crew members, their condition is satisfactory, the Emergencies Ministry said. In total, there were 13 people on the tanker, three remain overboard, their search continues. The explosions occurred after a fire in the Azov Sea. As stated in the message of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the ship followed from the port of Kavkaz to Rostov-on-Don. According to preliminary information, the tanker is empty ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Experts do not exclude that one of the probable causes of the explosion could be the ignition of oil vapors, however, earlier Ukraine conducted exercises near this area with the setting of sea mines, in connection with which there is a possibility that it was on one of them that the Russian oil a tanker, although besides an accident, one of the versions may also be sabotage.

The tanker is under the Russian flag, and belongs to the Palmali company, whose owners are in Turkey (Azer.by nationality), and in Russia there are only branches. At the expense of sabotage, complete nonsense.

What does Ukraine undermine? Mine blows up the ship above the waterline? And no, it's a natural phenomenon in Kamchatka!

What disruption? What sabotage ?? In the official news they wrote clearly: "there was a cotton, as a result of which there was a negative growth among the crew ..."

They transported crude oil. At the roadstead I reloaded it to another, larger vessel. Then he went to Rostov-on-Don.

And the whales were thrown out in Indonesia also because of the "naval bases" or what?

this is not a Russian tanker, but a Turkish one.

And in Kamchatka, who released fuels and lubricants into the water: a submarine, a boat, a tanker? LEAD THERE BASE navy, no one else.

Most likely, after unloading from the tanks, the remaining cargo was pumped out with a submersible pump, a spark and an explosion of vapors ... I wonder what cargo was delivered to the Kavkaz settlement and from where?

You can still smoke on a full barrel of gasoline only carefully, but you can't smoke on an empty one !!!

Where does the information come from, what is from the inside?

Or maybe "Neptune" or "Alder", or both at once, and the shepherd ruled?

Well, just a fire is really boring, here's a mine, and even a Ukrainian one ...

And the preview was inserted, why not the explosion is the king of the bomb?

Again panic out of the blue.
What kind of mine if an explosion from inside the tanker?

from the explosion of a sea mine, the tanker will immediately drown