It became known about the problems with the engines for the Su-57

The latest engines for Russian Su-57 fighters are still not ready.

Despite the emergence of information that the first of the second stage engines for the Su-57 fighter had already received its serial number, it turned out that in reality, with the creation of the “30 product”, things were seriously stalled. If it was initially reported that these engines will begin to be installed on fifth-generation Russian fighters back in the 2019 year, then according to information provided on the government procurement website, the development of the latest power plant will be carried out next year as well, and, apparently, full engine testing is still completely impossible.

According to the order information № 31908608459, In 2020, it is planned to complete only the afterburner tests, which is only one of the points of engine creation. Given the need for comprehensive testing of the new power plant, experts have doubts about the fact that the testing of the “30 product” will be completed even in the 2020 year.

Analysts note that without the engines of the second stage, the fifth-generation Russian combat aircraft is not at all interesting to Russian partners, and therefore, it is logical to assume that it will not take at least another year to conclude contracts for the delivery of these fighters to other countries.

“With the AL-41F1 engines, the Russian Su-57 in its capabilities is practically no different from the Su-35, which is the fourth-generation aircraft. It is logical to assume that it is for this reason that the Russian Ministry of Defense is in no hurry to conclude large contracts for the purchase of Su-57 for the Russian Air Force ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that according to a number of sources, during the development and testing, there were quite a few problems with the “30 product”, the solution of which had to be spent quite a lot of time, which stalled the project.

There is contact, only the delivery of the 1-th aircraft is registered in it in the 2021-th year

In fact, they have already signed a contract for 76 fighters.