It became known about the breakthrough of unknown persons on Russian military facilities

Russian secret military facilities underwent espionage.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, stated that Russian military facilities, including secret ones, ensuring the security of Russian borders, are under threat. Several attempts to break into secret military facilities have already been made, and, according to Shoigu, we are talking about people sponsored by the West.

“Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, during a speech in the Federation Council, said that“ a pro-Western opposition division regularly trained abroad ”helps the West spread fakes about Russia and its alleged involvement in high-profile incidents. According to the head of the Ministry of Defense, activists of the "division", under the cover of the law on the media, are trying to sneak into military facilities, hospitals and post information on the Internet. "They climb ... to cemeteries, to commemoration," Shoigu noted. He expressed the opinion that in the West they would be brought to serious responsibility for this, and added that there should be fewer such activists in Russia ”- сообщает "Moscow's comsomolets".

It should be clarified that today a fairly large amount of information about Russian military facilities does appear in the media, however, this is often due to the fact that the data becomes publicly available. Nevertheless, given the fact that the West is primarily interested in this, it is necessary to take all measures to limit possible espionage.


It would be better if you remembered the Russian language.

Try to make out at night what the intruder is planning, whether he has a hidden, ready-to-use weapon, distracts attention, etc. Perhaps there was no longer time to read out the "speech" laid down in such cases and it was necessary to immediately shoot to kill.

“In the event of a threat to the life of the sentry at the post, fire is used to defeat the enemy without being harassed."

On TV "Zvezda" sometimes this is carried in plain text - there is no need for spies.

And why so much talk about bullets and oil?

Viktor Vasilyevich, although you are not my friend, but you are very, very wrong! The use of weapons by a sentry is an action stipulated by Art. 11, 12 of the Charter of the internal and guard service. And if the "enemy" got a bullet inside the border of the post, then it does not matter - there is grease on the bullet, there is no grease, this will not interest anyone. And the investigator of the military prosecutor's office will not be interested in this either. "The enemy did not pass!" Dot.

Needless to say, work out the order!

Have we ceased to operate the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation? People's construction projects, logging and uranium mines have longed for their "heroes".

The first bullet comes with oil.

The first bullet comes with oil.

my friend - you are very wrong! The use of weapons by sentries - there is an action that can have very large consequences regarding and the consequence of the use of weapons. And to determine which shot is the first. second. to the third. the fourth or fifth (further errors are possible) the consequence of time to spit is like fingerprints due to the presence of traces of grease on the ammunition

traces of grease remain on the first pool, but not on the second, only soot (provided that the weapons were cleaned before going to the post)

And first, a potential intruder sees at least two signs: "Stop! Dangerous zone!" or "Stop! The area is guarded by sentries."

The first pool has traces of gun grease. On the second -
soot from the previous shot

Weapons are cleaned daily. The sentry steps up with clean weapons.
The first bullet hits the clean barrel. After it, carbon remains on the walls. The second and all subsequent bullets are "dirty", they leave traces of carbon deposits.
Examination determines this without a problem.

Once in Germany in the thirties, the Reichstag was set on fire. Of course, the Communists. Would come up with something more original

Secret objects are secret ones, so as not to show them to everyone in the photo!

It’s a lie, only to tighten the nuts more strongly, we need facts, a photo-video of interrogations, the answers of the interrogated, I should advertise the data.

Since the object is military and secret, it means that the sentries are guarding, but have the sentries tried to fulfill their duties? Use weapons to defeat violators? Or have the army charter been rewritten?

The sentry is obliged to use weapons without warning in the event of a clear attack on him or on an object protected by him, as well as in the case of an immediate threat of attack (physical impact), when delaying the use of weapons poses an immediate danger to people's lives or may entail other serious consequences.

Guest, do not shoot the office ...

And that the guard has no right to shoot to kill?

But how to determine the first bullet or the second? they have no numbers.

This is School in the Crimea. There are no military men.

And how many old military facilities are left with old equipment ?! So someone is profitable!

The FSB looks only one way - to fill its pockets and accounts while the "former" is in power ....

Understood. He served in the Soviet Army in the 70's. The sentry shot at a man, then into the air. At first they wanted to encourage, but the examination showed that he was killed by the first bullet. Got a deadline.

Gold words. I wanted to write the same thing. With the language removed

On the contrary, it’s somehow more reliable.

The FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs are engaged in business: buy-sell, give, give!

As far as I remember my army youth - first "Stop, who is coming?", Then - "Stop, I will shoot!", And only then - into the air, and then - to defeat.

They have long penetrated the Kremlin, there is nothing surprising.

Who have

n. School in the Crimea, abandoned since 1992.

We must do the opposite.

You can and vice versa ..

read the UGKS and do the opposite! no one will understand where the first shot was fired, and where the second;)

I agree with Sergey, I wanted to say the same thing. For the sentry on duty, the main law is the charter, and it must be followed. What if diversion !?

complete incompetence, irresponsibility and helplessness. I cannot describe it in another way.

They even have a fabulous army !!!

And where does the FSB look?

But what, the Charter of the guard service was canceled? Warning in the air, then on the intruder.

And really, what are these secret objects where it is so easy to penetrate? Where is the appropriate protection of these facilities. Or did everyone relax? And then like God forbid what happens, checks begin, amplifications, etc. The current is too late.

What? Has the Charter of the Guard Service been abolished?
Sentinel duty allows the use of weapons to protect a guarded post or sentry. In addition, use the Law on state secrets and anti-state activities.



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