Hypersonic rocket


It became known about the development of the latest 11-meter Russian hypersonic missile

The latest Russian hypersonic missile will combine the capabilities of the “Dagger” and “Iskander”.

Against the background of the withdrawal of the United States of America from the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles, in Russia began the development of the latest hypersonic medium-range missiles. As it turned out, we are talking about the ground-based version of the dagger missile system, which will combine the capabilities of the Iskander OTRK.

As the expert of the Military-Industrial Courier notes, the X-47М2 missile, which is currently part of the Dagger, will be taken as the basis, but the missile will be two-stage - the second stage will be taken from the 9М723, which is part of the OTRK Iskander.

“There will be enough thrust - 175 kilonewtons, despite the fact that the rocket will recover up to 7500-7600 kilograms and will extend to 11 meters. As a result, at the end of the active section, she will receive the same four thousand meters per second, as when starting with the MiG-31, necessary to achieve a range of two thousand kilometers ”- notes the publication "Military-Industrial Courier."

It is not known how much these data correspond to reality, but experts have made such a statement a lot of questions, since the same X-47М2 rocket is a smaller version of the rocket used in the Iskander OTRK, as a result of which we are not talking about “landing” of the Dagger ARC and on the modernization of OTRK Iskander, which was previously assumed.

Rocket X-47M2 speed 3 km per second. Maybe ballistic "from the hill" it can be dispersed to 4 km per second, but it is doubtful the height is insufficient. In general, this is all there already, why do the same from the same? Have nothing to do?

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