It became known about the imminent appearance of improved Su-57 in Syria

There was information about the imminent transfer of the Su-57 to Syria.

A number of sources reported that Russia plans to start sending its improved fifth-generation Su-57 fighters to Syria. This is not a modernized version, but rather the basic version of the fighter equipped with new systems and equipment is mentioned. The purpose of this is to test new systems to create the Su-57M model, which will begin to be tested within the next year and a half.

“Russian Su-57 fighters may begin to appear in the Syrian Arab Republic more and more often due to the start of development of a modernized version of the fifth-generation Russian fighter. The reason for this is the need to test new systems and combat modules, and, most likely, we will talk about direct combat use, as Russian developers must be completely sure that the new version, nicknamed the Super Sukhoi media, will be a promising development "- it is said in the message of the information resource.

Experts believe such arguments are very relevant, because without the constant testing of new systems for the upgraded Su-57M in a real combat situation, it is almost impossible to create a truly combat-ready fighter in a short time.

A few days ago, information appeared that the Russian Su-57 was working in a "flock" together with Su-35 fighters, and, most likely, it was in Syria, but the Russian Defense Ministry has not yet commented on such arguments.