Fire on aircraft carrier


It became known about the hidden damage to the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov"

The only Russian aircraft carrier received critical damage.

15-hour fire on the Russian aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov» became the reason for the Russian military ship to receive critical damage requiring regular overhaul of the ship. This is not about visible damage, but about damage to the metal structure used in bulkheads.

According to experts, a prolonged fire attack on the metal could lead to a restructuring of the structure of the materials used in the structures, which, in the event of failure to replace them, could lead to the destruction of the aircraft carrier.

“Given the duration of combustion and the high temperature inside, metal structures could be seriously damaged. The microstructure of steel has become more vulnerable, and therefore, structures in contact with fire need to be replaced at least, otherwise the likelihood of the sinking of this military sea vessel during the next trip is not excluded ”, - the expert marks.

According to analysts, the introduction of the Russian aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov could shift to the 1,5-2 of the year, however, according to official statements, a powerful fire should not affect the completion of the repair, which obviously indicates the fact that the replacement of damaged ones with fire constructions will not be carried out, which causes serious concern.

Judging by the presentation and tone of the letter, the author dressed himself in a trampy tear and sputters. If Kuznetsov had not left, then the fate of the Varyag would have been prepared for him. The greed of the "brothers" will destroy. Yes, and spit on - we somehow ...

The site administrators were afraid of the TRUTH? They were scared to publish my second comment - it only complements the first, but it complements such a TRUTH that people in your FAKE COUNTRY are afraid of! And Ukraine will go ahead and win, because the TRUTH IS ON THE SIDE OF UKRAINE, and the strength is in the truth!

Listen here, Russian tramp-lumpen: “Kuzyu” was stolen by order of Admiral Igor Kasatonov on the night of December 1, 1991 because in a conversation between Yeltsin and Kravchuk and Shushkevich about HOW we will share PROPERTY OF A DEAD USSR Yeltsin suggested “Method”: “ALL” IN MY TERRITORY (RSFSR) - EVERYTHING IS MY "! Those two reluctantly agreed. So if, after the referendum, Kuzya was in UKRAINE on December 1.12.1991, XNUMX, AS BEFORE, it was easily visible from the North side (and it was built at the Ukrainian Black Sea Plant in the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev) - then Kuzya would become the property of INDEPENDENT Ukraine. You can’t say anything with reason, so you swear like tramp-lumpen ...

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Lazar Kaganovi: "Every accident has a name, surname and position"

Stolen from Ukraine from the raid of the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol on the night of December 1 1991 this day in Ukraine, a referendum was held on leaving the Sovdep Russo Empire with 90% result - Kuzya, which had not passed all the acceptance procedures and was not accepted by the military acceptance, was DOOMED to lose 3 their planes, without knocking out a single enemy’s light, is DOOMED to smoke the skies of Europe with their boilers, fall from the dock (shamefully drowned), burn further. And the officials of the Russian Federation, robbing the defense budget of the WRONG people, are the norm in Russia today. The guy "Kuzya", our Ukrainian bark shit effectively fighting with our enemy!

for 100000 American money, any welder will erroneously set fire to.

Yes, let go of the grandfather "Kuzyu"! How much can you torment him! Make a better NEWEST aircraft carrier!

It’s somehow unlucky from the building itself. I remember how much. Since I came to the North. The whole road is under repair

As usual in the rashka, the explanation is extremely convincing: they lied - it means the damned Pindos poured a laxative ..

Yes, no one will cut anything either. I am well acquainted with the structure of military ship repair and I can responsibly declare that any shipyard is a grave digger. And even more so, this shitty SRZ-35 in the Rosta village, into which they managed to stuff the Kuznetsov TAKR. Nobody was going to repair it, because our industry, killed and plundered by swarms of official locusts, is simply not able to do this. Announcing it officially (refusal to repair due to the collapse of the economy) seems to be dumb and very disastrous for Putin's officials. Therefore, he was hidden in the plant for several years, so that this shameful story would be forgotten, and only then it would be slowly written off for scrap and sold to China or elsewhere. As they said in our fleet - put on needles. And the fire that happened very on time (I won’t be surprised if not accidental) is an excellent excuse not to carry out repairs at all. Like, we supposedly wanted to, but rock, fate, and fatum intervened. And steal a few more billion of our money in you. I ask the couch experts not to speak, because I know very well what I’m writing about: he served the Navy for two decades.

Even at Kuznetsovo, cable networks were damaged by fire. It will also require a lot of work and money.

The reason for the failure in the production management system. With regards to the finishers, it’s just a mutual responsibility system. Guilty of the cable, oh no, then we need new curtain finishers!

Professional diversion. Very professional!

They will cut out samples of the case kit, test and determine what needs to be replaced. Problems to be solved - the only question is money and time.

fear is caused not only by this statement about the replacement of partitions, but also by the frequent fires and drowning docks at this enterprise, which says a) poor labor discipline and the possible involvement of unskilled workers in pursuit of a wage economy and possible corruption; b) purposeful sabotage cannot be ruled out well, this is already a question for the FSB and the Navy's counterintelligence. Remember the case with the finisher cables and the loss of an airplane in Syria.