Explosion in Iran


It became known about US strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities

In the USA, they announced attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement in which he said that attacks on nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are a preventive measure to deter this country from creating nuclear weapons.

“We are going to do everything necessary that needs to be done to ensure that this statement, this commitment, which, as the Iranians claim, they have made, is real, confirmed, verifiable, and we will never let this happen”- said Pompeo, emphasizing that strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities are a very real method of deterring Tehran.

Experts still call the statement by the US Secretary of State a bluff, believing that even in the latter case, Tehran slapped a powerful slap in the face of Washington for the liquidation of Suleimani, demonstrating the complete defenselessness of the US military in the Middle East.

«Iran may well develop nuclear weapons. Tehran already has carriers, and sticking a nuclear warhead to them is not such a big problem. Now imagine what a single nuclear missile can do when it strikes an American base in the Middle East. But what if there are several hundred missiles? ”, - the expert marks.

Among other things, analysts note the fact that Israel also has nuclear weapons, however, due to the “double standards” policy, there are no complaints against Tel Aviv.