It became known why India wants to buy MiG-29 from Malaysia, and not from Russia

India offers to buy Malaysian MiG-29 and palm oil.

The Swarajya publication reported that India, a member of five potential suppliers of the Royal Air Force of Malaysia (RMAF), is trying to sell 30 combat aircraft to this country over the next decade.

New Delhi is attempting to win a contract worth approximately 8,7 billion dollars. Among the proposed aircraft fighter Tejas, designed by Indian experts. South Korean F-50 Korea Aerospace Industries, Russian Yak-130 from Irkut Aerospace, Pakistan JF-17 Thunder and Italian M-346 Master Alenia Aermacchi are also offered.

The publication of the publication Free Malaysia Today states that the Malaysian authorities, in studying the issue, are primarily guided by political motivation. Although there is rather serious lobbying by Pakistan, the likelihood that Malaysia will buy JF-17 is not significant. The fact is that Kuala Lumpur intends to link the deal with the sale of palm oil.

One of the largest buyers of this oil from Malaysia is India. In addition, New Delhi, trying to increase its chances of winning a contract, offers to buy MiG-29 taken from combat duty from Kuala Lumpur.

According to reports, the current RMAF air fleet is 13 Russian-made MiG-29, 18 Su-30MKM and 8 American Boeing F / A-18D Hornet.