Complex C-300


It became known why the C-300 is so deadly

The specialist explained why the Russian S-300 “Favorite” is considered one of the most lethal in the world.

Analysts of the American edition of The National Interest, comparing the Russian anti-aircraft missile system C-300 Favorit and the American air defense system Standart, could not determine which of the complexes is more effective in terms of its use. Nevertheless, analyst Charlie Gao came to the conclusion that the Russian air defense complex is more deadly, since, unlike the American “Standart”, it can simultaneously accompany several targets.

“Accompanying several targets in scanning mode makes it (the air defense system - comment) deadly”- emphasizes the military expert.

Nevertheless, the analyst stressed that the Russian C-300 Favoroit complex is not as fast as the American “Standart” in which the drum set is used, but this factor is unlikely to create any problems, especially given the fact that "Favorite" can hit targets at distances up to 250 kilometers.

The original article is not about C-300, but about its karabelny analogue. The reader of your article may have misunderstandings about the “drum set” in C-300.